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Silbervorsorge / GVS Germany GmbH
Max-Planck-Straße 10 / 1. sprat
85716 Unterschleißheim u blizini Minhena

Tel. +49 89 380 35 503

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9:00 - 17:30


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9:00 - 17:30


9:00 - 17:30

Kako doći do poslovnice:
Autoputem A9 kod Kreuz Nojfarna na izlaz A92 Lohof/Unterschleißheim, 6 minuta do poslovnice.
Autoputem A92 izlaz Lohof/Unterschleißheim, 2 min do poslovnice.
Autoputem A92 izlaz Lohof/Unterschleißheim, 2 min do poslovnice.
Autoputem A99 kod Dreieck Munchen-Feldmoching izlaz A92 Lohof/Unterschleißheim, 9 minuta do poslovnice.
Autoputem B13 u ulicu Landshuter, 2 min do poslovnice

S1 železnička stanica Unterschleißheim, 11 min do poslovnice.
Hodom do autobuske stanice Munchner Ring, autobusom 218 do autobuske stanice Ballhausforum.

Slobodna parking mesta za kupce levo od glavnog ulaza.
Podzemni parking dostupan na upit.
Pored toga, naći ćete slobodna parking mesta u ulicama Mak-Planck-Straße i Edisonstraße.
Dodatna parking mesta se nalaze prekoputa u Mekdonaldsu i u blizini Lidla. Molimo vas da pratite njihove propise o parkiranju.
Filiale München-Bild
Filiale München-Bild
Filiale München-Bild
Filiale München-Bild

Zašto bi trebalo da izaberete Silbervorsorge

Otkup i prodaja
U ovoj poslovnici se vrši prodaja i otkup svih uobičajenih vrsta plemenitih metala.

Provera i isplata se vrše na licu mesta.

Direktno poslovanje
U ovoj poslovnici možete izvršiti anonimne transakcije bez posrednika.

Usluge savetovanja
Biće nam drago da odgovorimo na sva vaša pitanja u vezi sa plemenitim metalima.

Diskretan ulaz
Ulaz u našu poslovnicu se nalazi na višim spratovima zgrade, što vam omogućava diskretnu posetu bez stresa.

Testiranje plemenitih metala
Svi artikli se testiraju radi potvrde njihove autentičnosti.

Opremu za proveru autentičnosti plemenitih metala takođe možete kupiti u našoj poslovnici.

Sve valute
Prihvatamo sve valute. Kod prodaje i kod otkupa.

Više informacija

Dostava robe širom sveta
Mi vršimo trgovinu i skladištenje na svim kontinentima.

Stoga, dostava je moguća širom sveta.

Skladišta sa visokim stepenom bezbednosti
GVS is specijalizovan za poslove internacionalnog skladišenja. U skladu sa višegodišnjim iskustvom u ovoj oblasti GVS je jedna od vodećih kompanija u oblasti skladištenja robe u skladištima sa visokim stepenom bezbednosti.

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Pozajmljivanje zlata
Zamenite zlato za novac u kratkom vremenskom periodu. Brze isplate

Više informacija

Plaćanje debitnim i kreditnim karticama
Plaćanje debitnim i kreditnim karticama.

U našoj poslovnici je moguće plaćanje platnim karticama. Važno je napomenuti da se troškovi kartične transakcije dodaju na vrednost računa.

Buy and sell silver and gold at Silbervorsorge in Munich

Silbervorsorge is the best-known trading brand of the GVS Bullion Group in Germany. As the official distributor of the world's leading mints, Silbervorsorge is characterized by immediate availability and convinces with the most comprehensive assortment for precious metal investment. Silbervorsorge is a combination of personal consulting and online trading with shipping in the field of precious metals. The GVS Bullion Group has already been the best-known address for precious metal investments in Austria for many years with its branches of Goldvorsorge in the immediate vicinity of all major cities such as Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz, Villach, Graz and Bregenz. At Silbervorsorge in Unterschleißheim, near Munich (Bavaria), you will now also find a wide selection of all common gold coins, silver coins as well as gold bars and silver bars. Furthermore, we offer platinum, palladium, rare earths like rhodium and gallium, and the possibility of high security storage for your precious metals. In addition, GVS Bullion Group specialized in high security storage of precious metals for private customers.

Competent advice directly in the branch

At Silbervorsorge, you will receive a comprehensive service through personal consultation on all aspects of your precious metal investment. The continuing rise in inflation will mean that your savings / assets are no longer secured for the future. For this reason, the "safe haven" of precious metals is becoming more and more interesting for customers who want to secure their assets. /would like to have secured. We are happy to advise you to find the perfect / most suitable investment strategy in gold and silver for you personally, so that your assets are preserved in the future.

Wide range of precious metals in the area of Munich

Whether common gold bars or gold coins, silver bars or silver coins, platinum or palladium, in our branch you have the opportunity to purchase all products of the world-famous mints such as Argor Heraeus, Heraeus, Perth Mint, Austrian Mint or Royal Mint. With us you will find popular investment classics such as Krugerrand (Krugerrand), Maple Leaf, Vienna Philharmonic, Kangaroo (Nugget) and Britannia both as gold coins and silver coins. Whether 1 ounce or 100 grams, all commercial sizes are available for you. For some years now, rare earths have been moving more and more into the spotlight. These raw materials can also be purchased and stored at the Frankfurt branch. Our assortment is also expanded by our accurate precious metal testing equipment, for example, to quickly detect gold forgeries.

Top price-performance ratio due to 24/7 current gold price/silver price

Our prices are tied to the current gold price to the minute. The price is guaranteed to be fixed at the time of the order. Likewise at night and on weekends. For example, if you buy an ounce of gold Krugerrand coin or a 250 gram silver bar from Argor Heraeus, we always guarantee you a commodity price accurate to the minute and thus a top price-performance ratio.

Bonded warehouse in Frankfurt am Main especially for precious metals with highest security

The GVS Bullion Group has the highest level of recognition in Austria with the brand Goldvorsorge. In Germany our market presence is under the name Silbervorsorge. Since 2003 we offer the highest level of security and discretion for the future provision of all investors, traders, companies and banks. Based on this long experience, we offer a unique variety of crisis protection that is unmatched anywhere else in Europe. In the middle of Europe, GVS has built up an international warehouse network. More than 1000 warehouse customers already rely on GVS security. Due to its unique specialization in security in times of crisis, GVS is one of the largest international high-security storage operators. Store your silver bars and coins in a GVS bonded warehouse and enjoy the highest security through bank-independent safekeeping of your precious metals.

Detect counterfeit gold through our modern precious metal testing

There is an ideal technology with which you can identify any perfectly counterfeit precious metal without a large investment. At Silbervorsorge you can check your gold and silver for authenticity within seconds with the help of the GVS Bullion Tester. You can also have your gold jewelry, scrap gold (broken gold), silverware, etc. tested for authenticity and sell them.

Sale of gold and silver in Munich

Not only the purchase of precious metals for investment is possible at Silbervorsorge in Munich - you can also sell your old gold and silver coins and other precious metals with us. This is possible both online in our precious metal purchase store and on site in the branch in Unterschleißheim. You can get the invoice amount in the case of a sale of your gold and silver in the branch in Munich immediately in cash.

24 hours current gold price

In our Munich branch we offer gold and silver at the current rates. It is important to us to be able to offer you fair pricing. For this reason, gold coins you buy in Munich are always bought at fair and current prices.

Transparent online purchase of gold and silver

Both, in our precious metal web store and in the personal purchase of silver bars, gold bars and other precious metals, a transparent business transaction is self-evident for us. The processing of your gold purchase and sale in Munich is quick and uncomplicated.

Bavaria goes for gold and silver

The branch of Silbervorsorge in Unterschleißheim in Bavaria is easily accessible from numerous major cities, such as Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Regensburg via the highway. Silbervorsorge is also very well located for customers from the immediate vicinity, such as Augsburg, Ulm, Ingolstadt, Landshut, Freising, Erding, Rosenheim, Bad Tölz, Starnberg or Dachau, as you can reach us within a few minutes via the highway and do not get caught in any city traffic.